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Madison – Rep. Mike Kuglitsch (R-New Berlin) was disappointed by Governor Tony Evers’ budget request to the Wisconsin State Legislature. His initial budget proposal was presented in the Governor’s annual budget address before state lawmakers on Tuesday evening.

“The governor continues to refuse to work in a bipartisan fashion in order to govern; instead he puts out a wish list in order to virtue signal to his base.” said Rep. Kuglitsch.

Assembly Republicans have reached out repeatedly via formal letters to the Governor asking for his cooperation in solving problems the state of Wisconsin faces, including addressing the situation with COVID-19. Those requests have continually been denied and met with executive action.

“Our work as lawmakers must continue even during a time of divided government, especially during these trying times for our state,” said Rep. Kuglitsch. “The people of Wisconsin need our help in making a budget that works for them as taxpayers and business owners around the state continue to face crisis as their livelihoods have been pushed to the brink, or disappeared altogether.”

Before the pandemic, while the state was under Republican control from 2010-2020, Unemployment was at an all-time low while taxes were also cut by $8 billion dollars. The planning over the past decade, including bolstering the states “rainy day fund,” has created a projected budget surplus for Wisconsin during the current biennium.

“A projected budget surplus really shows that the budgeting by Republicans over past several sessions has worked for Wisconsinites.” said Rep. Kuglitsch. “Our priorities of protecting against wasteful spending, over taxation, and job killing policies in past budgets have set Wisconsin up for a big comeback in 2021 and 2022 after a tough 2020. I will continue to put Wisconsinites first by continuing to advocate for the advancement of the same priorities that will keep Wisconsin moving forward.”


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