Madison – Today, Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) released the following statement following Governor Evers’ State of the State Address.

“Tonight, Governor Evers took a victory lap for all of the federal funding he spent responding to COVID-19. He didn’t even acknowledge the significant failures on the part of his administration, instead he blamed Republicans. That’s not leadership.

“Governor Evers is looking at more ways to use his executive power to grow government and increase spending. More than ever we have to remain prudent in our budget and policy decisions so we do not reverse course on the progress we’ve made over the last several years. We just got the great news that after nearly eight years of responsible budgeting Wisconsin has eliminated the GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) deficit which peaked at nearly $3 billion in 2010-11.

“Now is not the time to make drastic changes in spending or policy, but to instead stay the course, continue to spend wisely and make targeted investments to help the industries and individuals that have been hit hardest. Together, as co-equal branches of government, it is my hope we can work together to ensure Wisconsin’s prosperity and continued reputation of being a wonderful place to live, work and visit.”

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