MADISON, Wisc. – “It seems that Governor Evers has realized what Republicans have known for a while: personal property tax has to go. Though we are happy that the Governor has changed his mind on personal property tax, the legislation he and democrat lawmakers have introduced is a non-starter. The Governor’s version singles out specific industries and guarantees an increasing price tag. This creates an uneven playing field and is fiscally irresponsible.”

“The good news is, both sides of the aisle agree that we need to repeal personal property tax, but I refuse to do it in a way which will expand government and spend more money. Since Governor Evers vetoed our initial efforts to accomplish this in July, I have been working closely with colleagues in the administration to find a path to remove this unnecessary taxation on businesses and deliver relief to those who have struggled throughout the pandemic due to the Governor’s shutdowns.”

“The Governor can have another chance to put Wisconsin and our small businesses first and I am more than willing to work with him on this effort.”

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