BELOIT – Today, State Representative Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit), the ranking Democratic member of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections and the Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair, released the following statement in response to subpoenas issued by Speaker Robin Vos:

“By issuing these subpoenas, it is now clear that Speaker Vos is using every power available to him to placate far-right extremists.

“But questions still remain – are these subpoenas themselves valid or are they more of the same from Republicans who clearly do not understand how our state statutes work? Do these subpoenas require presentation of information to the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections in open meetings – or is former Justice Michael Gableman trying to bully public officials into giving documents and testimony behind closed doors to a shadowy group of former Trump officials whose names we don’t even know?

“And all of this is on an issue that is already in full public view. Disgraced Trump-aligned attorneys have already wasted hours across multiple hearings proclaiming their dislike for local municipalities seeking the funds they need to administer elections. Poorly-drafted legislation on grant funding for elections was already rushed through the Assembly and Senate, and Governor Evers has already vetoed Republicans’ misguided efforts to cripple local election administration in Wisconsin.”

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