MADISON – The following is a statement from Rep. Tip McGuire on the Republican gerrymandering proposal that passed the Wisconsin State Assembly today:

“Ten years ago, with Wisconsin Republicans controlling both houses of the Legislature and led by Scott Walker, the GOP passed a rigged redistricting map in order to lock in a decade of legislative control for themselves. This redistricting plan was widely considered by elections experts to be one of the worst gerrymanders in the nation, and was even declared unconstitutional by a panel of federal judges.

“This time around, Republicans decided to draw their maps with the least amount of changes possible – that is to say, Republicans love the rigged status quo and want to keep it. I sit on the Assembly Committee on State Affairs which considered these redistricting bills, and for nine hours we heard from people from every walk of life, from every political background, and from every corner of the state. Not a single member of the public spoke in favor of the rigged GOP maps. The only people in those 9 hours who supported these maps were the politicians who drew them to favor themselves.

“I voted against these maps in committee and again today on the floor of the Assembly. The people of Wisconsin have spoken loud and clear: they want and deserve fair maps.”

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