MADISON, WI — In a press conference this morning, Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling and Sergeant Michael Luell detailed the findings of their non-partisan investigation, stating unequivocally that election fraud, as defined under Wisconsin State Statutes, was committed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC).


For both the spring and fall 2020 elections, WEC issued guidance to local clerks to prevent entry of Special Voter Deputies into residential care facilities. The Sheriff’s presentation clearly details how this guidance directly violated Wisconsin elections laws.


Believing the issue to be a statewide concern, during the investigation, the sheriff offered to cooperate with and share all reports with the State Attorney General; however, Attorney General Josh Kaul declined.


The investigation originated from a complaint by family members of Ridgewood Care Facility residents, in which staff members voted on behalf of residents inappropriately. The facility saw a marked increase in voter participation compared to past elections, likely caused by votes being cast without properly obtained consent. This inappropriate activity was a direct result of special voting deputies being restricted access to residential care facilities by WEC.


State Representative Dave Murphy (R–Greenville), Assembly Committee Campaigns and Elections member, issued the following statement:


“Sheriff Schmaling’s by-the-book investigation lays out a definitive record of WEC ignoring the law, in defiance of warnings from both the State Legislature and Governor. The commissioner’s and staff responsible for illegal activities need to step down and allow the legal process to play out as the facts dictate.


“WEC’s alleged election fraud opened the door for liberal billionaires to manipulate new vulnerabilities in our elections systems. Instead of having to commit voter fraud, these tech magnates were empowered to buy our elections free and clear.


“It’s now apparent that Attorney General Kaul is using his position as Wisconsin’s top cop to block an investigation that would almost certainly prove Wisconsin election fraud was committed. Time and again Josh Kaul has stated that elections investigations are unwarranted and that election fraud is extraordinarily rare, all while he had access to a law enforcement report showing the opposite. The attorney general’s actions seriously call into question whether he is doing his job in a non-partisan manner or even upholding his oath of office.


“It’s clear that public officials at WEC and in the AG’s office have corrupted our election systems and only once they are fully held accountable will public trust in our elections be restored.”

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