CONTACT: Representative Dave Murphy, (608) 266-7500

MADISON, WI —State Representative Dave Murphy (R–Greenville) issued the following statement regarding the governor’s state budget address:

“There is no idea more disconnected from reality than the belief that we can tax and spend our way out of any problem. Our governor has once again neglected his duty to introduce a realistic two year budget for our state. In my book, this earns him the well-deserved moniker of Tony the Taxer.

“The state agencies responsible for health and unemployment have been appallingly mismanaged by the governor before and during the crisis we currently face. However, instead of reflecting on his failures and focusing on serving the people of our state better, Governor Evers is singularly focused on expanding his bureaucratic empire.

“The governor’s budget demonstrates that he intends to nickel and dime the people of our state, hoping no one will notice if their clothes, electronics, vehicles, and other staples of living cost more. His proposal would allow counties to double their current sales taxes and allow cities and some villages to create a brand new sales tax. Unlike the governor, I answer my phone and talk to regular folks every day. I know first-hand that the last thing the people of our state need right now is a tax hike on the things they need to get by.

“Over the past decade, Republicans in the legislature have cut taxes by $13 billion. This record of balanced budgets and tax reductions has resulted in a strong economy and doesn’t put an additional burden on Wisconsin families.

“Tony the Taxer has introduced a sugary budget coated in the frosting of unrealistic promises. Now it’s time for the adults in the legislature to begin the work of crafting a realistic budget. While a real budget may not sound as sweet, it will be a lot healthier for the economy and everyday people of Wisconsin.”

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