MADISON, WI — On Wednesday, the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections heard testimony and accepted sworn affidavits from witnesses and an elections official regarding irregular and potentially illegal elections activity conducted by the City of Green Bay in the recent presidential election.

Former Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno testified that Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich refused National Guard support, bullied the city clerk to the point of her taking a leave of absence, and allowed a third party organization with strong Democratic Party ties to administer elections without any training or authorization from the state. Juno also testified that she was shocked to learn that the mayor would be limiting the number of November polling locations in Green Bay to only two. Juno concluded that these decisions resulted in her discovering 18,000 unfulfilled absentee ballot requests, five hour lines at the polls, and unauthorized individuals having access to election materials and machinery.

Representative Dave Murphy (R-Greenville), a member of the committee said, “Hard evidence and sworn witness testimony is proving that concerns about elections integrity in Wisconsin was warranted. Unfortunately, my Democratic colleagues and the mayor of Green Bay continue to deny the demonstrated facts.”

While the City of Green Bay has issued a statement contradicting information that came to light at the hearing, the individuals who testified in front of the committee yesterday did so accompanied by sworn affidavits to the legislature. Murphy noted that “While a denial in a press release may get headlines, we won’t know what really happened until we hear from the mayor and the other individuals involved under oath. Until then, I’ll trust the actual evidence and sworn affidavits that have been provided to the legislature. Mayor Genrich owes the public an honest and detailed explanation about his actions in the election on the official record. If the mayor is unwilling to do that, he needs to resign.”

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