MADISON – Representative LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee), introduced legislation today that would ban the use of No-knock warrants in the state of Wisconsin.  “Breonna’s Law” as the legislation is called, is named for Breonna Taylor, an EMT who was killed in Louisville, KY, in March 2020, during an improperly executed No-knock warrant.  Taylor’s death was a clarion call to end No-knock warrants across the country.

Representative Myers said, “It is most appropriate for us to begin Black History Month 2021 by introducing ‘Breonna’s Law’.  Breonna Taylor’s life was taken while she was in the comfort of her own home, through the use of a no-knock warrant.  While Taylor was not the subject of the warrant, her life was mercilessly ended through no fault of her own.  It is because of this that we call on Wisconsin legislators to end the use of no-knock warrants.”

Myers added, “No-knock warrants are harmful to civilians and law enforcement officers alike; Milwaukee police officer Matthew Rittner was killed in the line of duty while his tactical unit executed a no-knock warrant in February 2019, because of as no-knock warrant, a wife lost her husband, Milwaukee lost a police officer, and a child lost its father.  As the state that created no-knock warrants, Wisconsin has the responsibility to be the state to end their use.  When you know better, you must do better, and this is a step in the right direction.”

Wisconsin was the first state to authorize the use of no-knock warrants in 1997; in the case Richards v. Wisconsin.  According to legal scholars, no-knock warrants remain more prevalent in Wisconsin than any other state.

Every Democrat and most Republicans voted in favor of the coronavirus relief measure.

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