MADISON– Representative LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement regarding today’s legislative session on redistricting.

Myers stated, “Today’s floor session was an overwhelming disappointment as there was no resolve to the redistricting mess that continues to plague our state.  On one hand, we took up the People’s Map Commission (PMC) maps, which if enacted, would dilute and/or erase African American and Latino representation in the state legislature. I have grave concerns about the PMC process, obvious lack of background education of commission members, and their adherence to the Voting Rights Act in the creation of their final maps.  Therefore, I voted against their adoption.”

Representative Myers added, “We then debated the GOP redistricting bill, which is nearly identical to the current legislative map, except for some very creative manipulation of lines that build in and protect a Republican majority.  This too, is unacceptable, and I voted against this bill as well.  As I have stated before, I believe in equity.  I also believe in minority representation.  I will continue to push back on any map or process that yields results that willfully violate the Voting Rights Act, erode Black and Latino representation, or tilts the scale in favor of either political party.  There is a way to do this with equity and integrity in place.  Unfortunately, it seems as though that ship has sailed, and we must now rely on the judiciary to do the work and rule on fair maps.”

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