“Governor Evers’ provided a message of hope and understanding to the people of Wisconsin tonight.  He underscored what many across our state have known for years—the digital divide is real and is something we need to address in our state.  The governor’s declaration of 2021 as the ‘year of broadband access’ could not come at a better time.  As an educator, I know from personal experience with families in both rural and urban areas that access to quality internet service can no longer be considered a luxury afforded to a few.  Access to high speed internet is a necessity for all people in the state of Wisconsin.  By pledging to invest more than $150 million in broadband to underserved areas, Governor Evers continues to prove himself a governor of the entire state and not one that seeks to pit cities against rural communities.  This is a step toward equity for all Wisconsinites.

Furthermore, I appreciate Governor Evers’ continued commitment to a fair redistricting process.  By continuing to engage the People’s Map Commission, it is my hope that we will have maps drawn by the people and not for the people.

We have a great deal of work to do.  We must not waste time posturing and trying to score political points; we must roll up our sleeves and get to work on behalf of the people of Wisconsin.”

Every Democrat and most Republicans voted in favor of the coronavirus relief measure.

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