MADISON – Today, Legislative Democrats and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes held a press conference announcing the 2021 Forward on Climate bill package. Building on recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, Forward on Climate includes twenty-two bills that work to create good, family-supporting jobs, reduce inequality, and fight climate change through Wisconsin-centered policy. Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) and Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick), the Democratic legislative members of the task force, led the package and released the following statement:

“I began working to fight back against climate change about ten years ago, after seeing how our world was already changing and how all of our lives would be fundamentally shaped by the climate crisis. Today, I’m proud to be releasing Forward on Climate alongside so many legislators and task force members. These bills show that climate change is a crisis, but also an opportunity for Wisconsin — with the bills in this package, we can invest in our people and build on the things that make Wisconsin great to create the next green, sustainable economy, reduce inequality across our state, and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels.”

·        Representative Greta Neubauer, 66th Assembly District

“Wisconsinites are responding to the climate crisis — this legislative package will empower farmers, families and entire communities in our state to work toward a more sustainable future. Since Day One, the Climate Change Task Force prioritized citizen involvement. The introduction of the “Forward on Climate” bills shows how, together, Wisconsinites are committed to a cleaner, safer state for future generations.”

·        Senator Jeff Smith, 31st Senate District

“I’m honored to be part of the work we’re doing here today — taking bold, thoughtful, and meaningful action to make our state more sustainable and working to minimize the impacts of climate change on our health, our property, and our way of life. Because there is just no debate — climate change is here, and we can’t wait any longer to take action.”

·         Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes

Speakers from across Wisconsin shared the importance of taking comprehensive, Wisconsin-centered action on climate change, stating:

“Rising average temperatures, shifting precipitation patterns, changing growing seasons, and increasingly frequent and severe weather events are making it more difficult to grow food, feed, fuel, and fiber, and studies show these difficulties will only intensify over time . . . We need legislators and policymakers to . . . Endorse and grow statewide efforts to address climate change in addition to nationwide efforts.”

·        Nick Levendofsky, Wisconsin Farmers Union

“We all are subjected to the climate crisis but the disproportionate effects someone could be experiencing due to their identities, whether they are oppressed or privileged, greatly impacts how systems will operate within our daily lives… I am here today for Wisconsin’s next sustainable journey that uplifts marginalized groups, promotes equity, and protects what we all share in common, which is this earth.”

·        Stephanie Salgado, a member of the Youth Climate Action Team, Wisconsin Student Climate Action Coalition

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