MADISON – Wisconsin State Representative Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) released the following statement on the passage of legislative Republicans gerrymandered maps:

“For the past 10 years, we’ve lived under unrepresentative maps that have allowed Republicans to hold a permanent legislative majority. With the passage of their new maps, my colleagues across the aisle want to cement their unfair advantage for the next decade. But here’s the truth: Republicans may have appeared to go through the motions of listening to their constituents on redistricting, but they never intended to listen, and they certainly never intended to draw fair maps.

“Since I’ve been in office, gerrymandering has stood in the way of legislation that Wisconsin needs. Bills that would protect child victims of sex trafficking, expand access to health care, close an incredibly problematic youth prison, and decriminalize cannabis have all been pushed to the side because of the GOP’s unfair edge in the legislature.

“The decisions we make in the Capitol impact the integrity of our democracy in ways that will outlive all of us. It is just plain wrong of legislative Republicans to play games that will have lasting effects on our representation. I am proud to have voted NO on the GOP’s maps that would increase their unfair advantage.

“While this vote is said and done, I will continue to fight for fair maps that equally represent every Wisconsinite.”

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