MADISON – Today, both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature met in session on bills related to COVID-19.  The Wisconsin State Assembly took up a bipartisan compromise COVID-19 proposal which would provide resources to help Wisconsin combat the COVID-19 virus, which passed the Republican-controlled Senate with near-unanimous support. Assembly Republicans rejected the bipartisan compromise, instead changing the bill and delaying the approval of urgently needed resources to combat COVID-19. Rep. Greta Neubauer (D-Racine) issued the following statement responding to today’s Assembly votes:

“Today, Assembly Republicans chose to stand on the wrong side of history, yet again. Assembly Republicans chose to reject a bipartisan compromise and further delay passing bipartisan COVID relief, in favor of partisan poison pills.

“This political gamesmanship does a deep disservice to the families, workers, and businesses struggling with the impacts of COVID-19 in our state,” Neubauer stated. “Wisconsinites deserve real, urgent, and substantive action to fight this pandemic, especially as new, more virulent strains spread around the world.”

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