MADISON – Today, Assembly Republicans passed Assembly Bill 1. Following the completion of the session, Rep. Neubauer issued the following statement:

“After refusing to act for more than eight months, Assembly Republicans called us into session today to pass a special interest-approved COVID-19 “relief” bill that actively undermines our ability to stop the spread of this virus.

“Democrats proposed an amendment  designed to actually help fight the virus and provide urgently needed aid for Wisconsin working families, healthcare workers, local governments, and small businesses. Republicans voted unanimously in opposition to our amendment, which was also introduced this week as the stand-alone COVID Response Plan bill.

“Wisconsinites need a real, robust response to this pandemic, including investments in community testing and contact tracing, help for struggling families with rent and food assistance, provisions to help prevent evictions and foreclosures, health insurance for low-income families through the Medicaid expansion, and hazard pay and sick leave for frontline health workers.

“Unfortunately, it appears that Republicans remain uninterested in doing what it will take to slow the spread of COVID and support Wisconsinites to weather this storm. Despite this, I will continue to work towards real, lasting relief for working Wisconsinites.”

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