MADISON – Yesterday on a partisan vote in the Assembly, a joint resolution was passed which hoped to lay the groundwork for another decade of gerrymandered legislative districts. Assembly Republicans also voted to prohibit schools from teaching students about racism or sexism, and also passed a bill which would prohibit public employees from receiving anti-racism and anti-sexism training.

Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha) offered the following statement: 

“Republicans had roughly three months to get their priorities straight and actually focus on issues facing Wisconsinites. Instead, they focused on their partisan agenda and furthered the political divide in Madison. We have true opportunity to work together and address the important issues facing our state like lowering the cost of prescription drugs, increasing our wages, or scheduling a debate on the legalization of marijuana.”

 “It’s time we say goodbye once and for all to the partisan politics being played. We weren’t elected to go to Madison and play games, we were elected to make sure your voice is heard. As Republicans continue to push their agenda and further the divide, I will continue fighting for the issues facing my community. When will Republicans decide to do the same?”

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