MADISON – Representative Loren Oldenburg (R-Viroqua) authored Assembly Bill 220. Assembly Bill 220 was signed into law on November 5, 2021 the bill is now officially 2021 Wisconsin Act 83.

2021 Wisconsin Act 83 requires school districts that operate a high school to provide information about the state’s Youth Apprenticeship program in the packet of information they are already statutorily required to provide to students. Representative Oldenburg has made advocating for Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program a priority throughout his time serving in the State Assembly.

“It is an honor to have Assembly Bill 220 signed into law,” stated Representative Oldenburg. “The Youth Apprenticeship program is one of the greatest resources available to high school students in Wisconsin. This program gives students exposure to the trades, and other fields of employment that they may choose for their future careers.”

Representative Oldenburg also worked on legislation to help expand access to the Youth Apprenticeship program last legislative session. In both the 2019-21 and 2021-23 Wisconsin State budgets, Representative Oldenburg has authored, or sponsored, a motion providing funding for the Youth Apprenticeship program. This funding is used to meet demand of students who are eager to participate in the Youth Apprenticeship program.

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