MADISON, WI – Rep. Plumer (R – Lodi) released the following statement in response to the
announced settlement of the National Prescription Opiate Litigation Case:

“The news of this settlement is an important day for Wisconsin. Though no amount of money can ever bring back the lives that were lost to overdoses or bring closure to families that were devastated by substance abuse, the announcement of this settlement will allow our state and local governments to make significant investments in the fight against addiction in our communities.

As it stands right now, Wisconsin is set to receive around $400 million from this settlement.
“I was honored to author the legislation that helped guarantee the timely and equitable settlement of this lawsuit. Wisconsin Act 57 was signed into law in June and guarantees that 70 percent of any settlement Wisconsin receives will be sent to our partners in the 71 county governments that were a party to this lawsuit. They have been on the frontlines of this crisis and spearheaded these litigation efforts. The remaining funds will be retained by the State of Wisconsin. State and county governments are required to use these funds for opioid abatement purposes only.

“I would like to thank our partners at the Wisconsin Counties Association for their tireless
support of this legislation and my colleagues in the legislature and Governor Evers for their
efforts in making Act 57 law. Although we are still in the midst of the opioid crisis, I truly
believe this settlement marks the beginning of new day in the fight against addiction in our

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