MADISON, Wis. – Today Governor Evers announced $110 million in new funding for Wisconsin schools. These funds were made available through federal COVID-19 relief funds, and will be distributed under the governor’s direction. Through his budget actions earlier this year, he made good on the promise to empower school districts to support their students and staff as they continue to deal with the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Representative Sondy Pope (D-Mt.Horeb), the ranking member of the Assembly Committee on Education, responded:

“Governor Evers has, time and again, fulfilled his promises to prioritize the education of our students. The investments he has made are a step in the right direction to give schools a chance to thrive in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I applaud Governor Evers for finding a way to get more money into classrooms following yet another bare-bones education budget put forth by the Republican-led legislature.”

“Our students are our future and our wisest investment. These new allocations allow districts to better meet their needs when it comes to maintaining and adding staff positions, educational programming, and extracurricular activities. Nearly $2 million in additional aid will go to schools in the 80th Assembly District. I know that our administrators, educators and students will make the absolute best of the opportunities these new funds may bring.” 

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