MADISON, Wis. – Earlier today, Governor Evers delivered his annual State of the State Address to the people of Wisconsin. In the address, he outlined the challenges Wisconsin has faced during the pandemic and how the Legislature must continue to address them. In addition, he highlighted plans to address issues such as rural broadband and non-partisan redistricting, which the people of Wisconsin have indicated as priorities. In response to the address Representative Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb) released the following statement:

“Since he was elected, Governor Evers has made it a priority to listen to the needs of the people of Wisconsin, and to be responsive to those needs. In addition to continuing the fight against COVID-19 and mitigating its damaging effects, he outlined a clear vision for our state moving forward. His additional priorities are essential to preserving our democracy. True representative government cannot exist without fair maps, and broadband access is essential for rural areas to prosper and for producing a more informed electorate. I appreciate that through these difficult and tumultuous times, Governor Evers has stayed the course and continues to lead Wisconsin toward a path that remains true to our values. I look forward to working him this session to achieve our common progressive goals.”


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