MADISON – State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) released the following statement regarding State Representative Janel Brandtjen raising concerns about the Special Counsel investigation on Monday, October 11th:

“Communication is key in crisis management. It is severely lacking between the Special Counsel investigation and the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. This wouldn’t be happening if the Special Counsel was reporting to the committee instead of directly to Speaker Vos. In conjunction with the lack of support given to the committee, I question the legitimacy of the Special Counsel investigation itself.”

“Furthermore, whether there will be interviews by this Friday or not, the issue of possible immunity is of grave concern to me and should not be allowed to affect a true fact-finding audit. Speaker Vos has stated that he is okay with providing immunity. Chair Brandtjen is not, and neither am I.”

“An audit of physical ballots, voting machines, routers, and splunk logs is required before any investigation takes place. This is the way for closure to be achieved. An audit of this nature is requested by 49 Republican county parties in our state. The Campaigns and Elections chair needs to submit the two legitimate subpoenas for immediate signature and processing. We do not have time for further games that continue to run out the clock.”

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