MADISON – State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) released the following statement regarding election integrity efforts:

“On June 25th, Speaker Vos offered the role of Special Counsel to former Justice Michael Gableman. Fast forward to July 15th, I put out a press release requesting the Legislature conduct a full forensic physical cyber audit. On August 6th, Chair Brandtjen submitted subpoenas to Brown and Milwaukee County. On August 11th, I issued a new press release regarding concern with the WI Elections Commission voting to allow Dominion to upgrade voting machines.”

“It’s most alarming that, to date, Chair Brandtjen has not been approached in any manner by legislative leadership regarding any assistance. Why? They have also not taken action regarding her subpoenas or my voting machine protection request. Why? When I voted for Assembly Resolution 15 back in March, I expected my vote would give Chair Brandtjen the support from leadership she needs. That support has yet to materialize. Why? Beyond that, appropriations are being made to the Special Counsel investigation without receiving a vote of approval from the entire Legislature.”

“All said, I find it very difficult to support any efforts other than the transparent full forensic physical cyber audit, with auditors and investigators reporting to Chair Brandtjen and her committee. She has the momentum. With resources, she will get results. This is what the people of Wisconsin demand. Even Racine County GOP has come out in support of this specific audit, making it one of 46 county Republican parties to do so. As only a servant in search of truth and transparency, I believe all other efforts are wholly insufficient and obstructionist in nature.”

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