MADISON – State Representative Jessie Rodriguez (R – Oak Creek) joined her Assembly Republican colleagues again in voting to approve Assembly Bill 1 (AB 1), the COVID-19 relief bill.


“The coronavirus outbreak has caused hardships for many individuals, families and businesses in our communities. I hope this amended legislation can serve as a compromise with the Senate and the Governor to provide much needed relief to Wisconsinites,” said Rep. Rodriguez.


An amendment that prevents public health officials from closing or forbidding gatherings in places of worship was added to the Senate-amended version of AB 1. The amended bill also prohibits public health officials and employers from requiring the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.


“The right to practice religion freely is cherished in our state and country, and that right should not be put on the backburner during this pandemic,” said Rodriguez. “For many, their place of worship provides solace and hope, and I can’t imagine a time when people could use the support of their house of worship more than during the pandemic.”


AB 1 extends provisions from 2019 Wisconsin Act 185, making sure Wisconsinites have access to necessary medications, vaccines and testing.


“I encourage the Senate to concur on this important bill and send it to the Governor’s desk as soon as possible for the people of Wisconsin,” said Rep. Rodriguez.

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