MADISON – Rep. Jessie Rodriguez (R-Oak Creek) joined her Assembly Republican colleagues today in supporting a package of bills aimed at reducing the instances of induced abortions in Wisconsin: the ‘Time for Life’ package.


“One bill I’d like to highlight is Assembly Bill 36, which, with certain safeguards in place, would allow a woman to obtain hormonal contraceptives through a prescription from a pharmacist,” said Rep. Rodriguez. “In many circumstances women in our state may find it difficult to make an appointment with their primary care doctor or OB/GYN to get a prescription for birth control – whether it be because she lives in a rural area that is far away from her doctor, or because she works multiple jobs and has little free time,” commented Rodriguez.


“This bill will increase access to contraceptives by allowing pharmacists to prescribe them. Many of our rural Wisconsinites live closer to their pharmacy than they do to their doctor, and pharmacies have extended and weekend hours that can increase access for women who have busy schedules. This is a great bill and I thank the authors for bringing forward this bipartisan proposal,” concluded Rep. Rodriguez.


The Time for Life package also includes the following pieces of legislation:

·         Assembly Bill 6 (AB 6): The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act ensures that any baby born alive after a failed abortion receives immediate and proper medical attention.

·         Assembly Bill 493 (AB 493): Current law already prohibits public funds from funding abortion procedures. This bill goes one step further to decertify Medicaid providers that provide abortion services.

·         Assembly Bill 539 (AB 539): Prevents an individual from being denied an organ transplant because they have a mental or physical disability.

·         Assembly Bill 593 (AB 593): A Woman’s Right to Know Act, which requires a physician to inform women receiving an abortion-inducing drug regimen that the first pill in the regimen may not result in an abortion and that she may have potential opportunities to continue the pregnancy if she changes her mind.

·         Assembly Bill 594 (AB 594): The Prenatal Diagnosis Information Act requires physicians to give certain educational resources and information to expectant parents who receive a prenatal or postnatal congenital condition diagnosis, such as Down syndrome.


“I also want to highlight the Shield the Vulnerable Act (AB 595), which prohibits abortions based solely on sex, race, color, national origin, ancestry, or diagnosis of a congenital disability,” said Rodriguez. “This is a common-sense bill that seeks to prevent discrimination, and I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of this legislation.”


In addition to passing the Time for Life package, the Assembly also passed a resolution proclaiming October 2021 to be Right to Life Month in Wisconsin.


“It’s an honor to take a stand for life and protect the unborn by advancing this legislative package today,” concluded Rep. Rodriguez.

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