MADISON, Wis. – Governor Evers announced last week that he would be allocating millions of dollars in COVID relief funds toward violence prevention programs and victim services in Wisconsin. Though admirable on its face, Governor Evers once again failed to support law enforcement. 

“We have seen what Bash the Blue solutions have done to help combat the spread of crime – absolutely nothing. In fact, it has only made things worse. Homicides are up. Aggravated assaults are up. Motor vehicle thefts are up. Arson is up,” Sanfelippo said. 

Sanfelippo issued a press release in July calling for Governor Evers to direct $500M towards hiring more law enforcement personnel and followed up with a letter directly to the Governor a month later. Both have fallen on deaf ears.

“If Governor Evers truly wants to help prevent the spread of crime and violence, as well as help prevent Wisconsinites from becoming victims in the first place, he should follow the advice of President Biden and direct ARPA funds to help pay for additional law enforcement personnel and district attorney staff. If we don’t have enough boots on the ground to stop criminals in their tracks or enough district attorney staff to hold criminals accountable, other violence prevention efforts will be made in vain. We need to remove criminals from our streets and hold them accountable for their crimes,” said Sanfelippo.

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