MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly took up a bipartisan compromise COVID-19 proposal which would provide much needed resources to help Wisconsin combat the COVID-19 virus. The bipartisan compromise bill passed the Republican-controlled State Senate with near unanimous support and Democratic Governor Tony Evers has promised to sign it into law. Unfortunately, Assembly Republicans rejected the bipartisan compromise and instead made hyperpartisan changes to the bill, thereby delaying the approval of needed resources to combatCOVID-19. Rep. Rodriguez (D-Brookfield) released the following statement:

“After months of inaction, Assembly Republicans have once again thumbed their noses at the people of Wisconsin, simply because they did not get as much as they wanted from their wish list. No bill is perfect, but responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is too important to delay any longer. Republicans have already gone 286 days without taking action on measures to help battle the COVID-19 virus and work toward recovery. Unnecessarily delaying changes that could benefit the state as we fight this pandemic is just plain wrong.”

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