STEVENS POINT – Today, Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) joined Governor Tony Evers and State Superintendent Jill Underly at Madison Elementary School in Stevens Point for the governor’s announcement that the Stevens Point Area School District will be receiving $955,014 in federal funding (approximately $134 per pupil) from the state’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. In addition to the $955,014 that SPASD will receive, every Wisconsin school district will receive additional per pupil aid, including the Tomorrow River School district ($120,881) and the Rosholt School District ($68,865).

Rep. Shankland issued the following statement:

“I’m thrilled that Governor Evers has delivered on his promise to invest $110 million in Wisconsin schools to help provide more support to students and our public schools. Whether it’s through hiring educators and staff, expanding programming, strengthening mental health services, or supporting operational costs, it’s clear that these funds will be put to good use to ensure every student has access to the services and support they need.

“Our public schools, educators, and staff are fundamental to the success and well-being of our families and communities and play a vital role in not only in shaping our children’s minds, but in sculpting our trajectory as a state economically, socially, and beyond. As a result of the governor’s careful management and prioritization of school funding, our public schools across Wisconsin will be receiving per-pupil allocations of federal funds from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to help them address the heightened costs and challenges they have faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as non-pandemic-related expenses.

“I truly appreciate that when the State Legislature sent Governor Evers this year’s biennial budget bill, he used his partial veto authority to improve it, while publicly committing to more. Today, Governor Evers delivered on his promise to our school kids across the state, and everyone will benefit from this additional $110 million in funding for our public schools. I’m so grateful for the distributions our local school districts will be receiving. Wisconsin’s schools will need more support in the coming years to avoid cuts and layoffs, and the arrival of this substantial support is meaningful and appreciated.

“Thank you to Governor Evers and State Superintendent Underly for visiting Stevens Point today to make this exciting announcement of the governor’s investment of $110 million in Wisconsin schools. I appreciate their leadership, and I will continue working with them and my legislative colleagues to uplift our public schools, educators, and students. The future of our kids and our state depends on it.”

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