GREEN BAY – State Representative Kristina Shelton introduced legislation today to fund necessary repairs to the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge. Rep. Shelton released the following statement:

“The Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge, also known as the Main Street Bridge, crosses the Fox River as an extension of Dousman Street, connecting the two banks of the city of Green Bay. The repairs for the Nitschke Bridge have become critical now more than ever in light of recent stressors to the infrastructure of the Green Bay area. The Mason Street Bridge, which often shares the travel burden across the Fox River, has broken down recently, only increasing the physical toll on the Nitschke Bridge and other surrounding bridges in turn.

“The Nitschke Bridge alone bears the weight of approximately 15,400 vehicles daily, based on a 2018 estimate from WisDOT. This, in addition to approximately 400 lifts per year for water travel (based on WisDOT estimates from 2014-2018), proves the necessity to provide these repairs now, before the bridge may face a more serious breakdown. This cannot wait, and needs support now.

“Continuously proving its vitality to the community, the Nitschke Bridge has weathered decades of use, and is now in dire need of critical repairs. This bill seeks to make an appropriation of $1.2 million dollars to the Department of Transportation to complete necessary repairs and keep this bridge in safe operation. If the bridge does not see repairs soon, this bridge is in imminent risk of losing function, which would create a loss in traffic and accessibility in the economic centers of Green Bay.”

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