GREEN BAY – Today, Governor Tony Evers announced a $110 million investment in schools across our state, to the tune of an additional $133.72 per pupil to each school. These funds will be given to schools without strings attached, to be used in the best interest of students by each individual school district. In response to this investment, Representative Shelton offered this statement: 

“I am so proud of our Governor’s monumental investment in our students and our schools. This funding comes as a follow up to the passage of our state’s budget, where Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee sought to barely achieve the maintenance-of-effort standard required to receive federal coronavirus support dollars. Now, Governor Evers has supported his commitments by sending this money back to our schools, who know what our kids need to be successful. 

“From this investment, the Green Bay Area Schools District will receive $2,770,371 to enhance our children’s education. I look forward to seeing the wonderful things our school district will achieve with this additional, well-deserved and needed funds. When we invest in the things we share, our whole community grows stronger – I commend the Governor for this great step forward for our kids!”

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