MADISON – Today, the Assembly met to vote on 2021 Assembly Bill 1. Representative Lee Snodgrass (D-57) issued the following statement:

“As a new and incoming lawmaker, you hope that your first vote will do some good. Unfortunately in less than a week, I’ve learned that many in the Capitol are far more concerned with protecting big donors and special interests than in providing reasonable, meaningful relief for the people of Wisconsin. We’ve spent 8 months pleading for action and solutions with Republicans refusing to show up for work. Indeed, at every turn they’ve sought legal action to put an end to measures to stop the virus and protect lives, said Rep. Snodgrass.

“Today, instead of listening to the pleas of their constituents or of Wisconsin’s health leaders, Republicans are playing political games and prioritized special interest giveaways that will do nothing to help our state recover and  will cause further gridlock and division. I look forward to a time when we can pass a clean bill with provisions we all agree will help our neighbors and move our economy forward.”

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