Contact: Representative Snodgrass, 608-266-3070

APPLETON – Representative Lee Snodgrass (D-Appleton) released the following statement regarding school mask requirements.

“Our school districts act to protect our children from harm in a variety of ways from making sure buildings are free from lead pipes or asbestos to ensuring playground equipment is safe and to up to code. Requiring proven strategies to reducing the spread of COVID-19’s airborne virus, such as mask requirements, is the right and moral thing to do. With many in our community still vaccine hesitant and mask averse, we are underutilizing the two most proven tools to reduce the spread of the virus. The Appleton Area School District and Menasha Joint School District policies to require mask wearing for students and staff ensures that while students are in the care of the school district, their risk for contracting the virus is diminished. As the more contagious Delta variant continues its dominance in Wisconsin and because vaccines are not yet available for children under 12, mask wearing is the best tool we have to reduce the spread, according to all medical experts. Mask wearing, coupled with vaccines, are our best hopes for diminishing virus spread, keeping students in school, and learning in-person. We should all be doing our part to protect in-person learning and the health of our children and those who teach them.”

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