Assembly Passes Legislation to Improving Education in Wisconsin

Madison…  Today, Representative Patrick Snyder (R-Schofield) voted in favor of a number of bills to improved education in Wisconsin. Among the bills passed by the State Assembly were a bill to require that students receive civics education (AB 563).

Rep. Snyder made the following statements after today’s votes:

“Educating students on what citizenship entails by requiring schools to provide civics education at the high school level will ensure that today’s students can be tomorrows engaged citizens. Teaching students about the history of American government, their rights as citizens, and the American system of government is as crucial to the future of Wisconsin as teaching arithmetic.”

The State Assembly also passed bills mandating that school districts make spending and curriculum decisions publicly available to parents and taxpayers (AB 378 and AB 488). Rep. Snyder added:

“Allowing parents and taxpayers to see how public money is spent by school districts and what materials schools teach in the classroom will provide additional transparency in public education. Taxpayers have access to monitor all other avenues by which their money is spent and education should be no different. Allowing parents to see what their children are taught will ensure that parents take a more active role in their child’s education – ensuring better results.”

The State Assembly also passed a number of other bills related to education including:

AB 564 – would use federal relief money to fund mental health in schools

AB 435 – would require cursive to be taught in schools

AB 411 – would prohibit schools from teaching that certain races or sexes are superior to others

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