Madison, WI – (The following statement from Rep. David Steffen (R-Howard) is in response to the revised face mask guidance from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) released on May 13, 2021).

“The time has come for Wisconsin communities, counties, and school districts to follow the state government’s lead and repeal their face mask mandates. Continued application of these broad, blunt force restrictions are contrary to our expanded understanding of COVID-19, diminishes the value and success of our vaccination program, hinders our economic recovery, challenges core constitutional freedoms, and continues a year-long mental, psychological and social assault on our children. It is with these factors in mind that I sincerely and respectfully request my fellow elected officials at the local level to take all necessary steps to repeal their mask mandates effective immediately.”

For more information please contact Representative Steffen. He can be reached at (608)266-5840 or by email at

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