MADISON – The state Assembly convened this afternoon, approving an amendment from State Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) for Assembly Bill 1, which will bring much-needed relief to hard-working Wisconsinites affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Representative Steineke released the following statement after the 58-34 party-line vote to pass the COVID relief legislation:

“Once again, Assembly Republicans are stepping up to the plate and providing the relief that we know is crucial to our communities. I authored this amendment to ensure the conservative ideals we know are important to our constituents are being advocated for. We elected officials should fight for what our constituents ask for – that means not voting for an inferior version of this bill.

“Among other things, we heard from Wisconsinites from every corner of the state that we should ensure places of worship cannot fall victim to government overreach that could shut them down; this amended bill puts those protections in place. We heard from constituents that they don’t want to be forced into a vaccination; this amended bill ensures those who want the vaccine can choose to get it, and those who don’t won’t be strong-armed into a decision they’re uncomfortable with.

“You learn quickly here in Madison that there is a give-and-take needed to get things done. Very rarely does either side get everything they want, but coming to the table and being willing to compromise is what gets legislation across the finish line. Our amended version of Assembly Bill 1 is no different – we have come to the table and have made concessions in order to get this done for Wisconsin families.

“I am hopeful the state Senate will approve it quickly so it can be signed into law and start helping our neighbors who are in desperate need of relief.”

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