MADISON – A bill authored by State Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) that requires life-saving care to babies who survive abortions passed the state Assembly Wednesday. The proposal, which has already been approved by the state Senate, now heads to the governor’s desk for a final signature.

“In other circumstances, a baby born alive during an operation would be given life-saving care,” Rep. Steineke said. “This commonsense reform ensures this precedent extends to abortions and provides our most vulnerable with the attention they deserve.”

The bill, also known as the Born-Alive Protection Act, requires healthcare providers administer life-saving care to babies born alive during an abortion. Statistics regarding the exact number of born-alive births during an abortion are rare as clinics, at both the state and federal level, are not required to report that information. However, first-hand testimony provided during public hearings on the bill show that cases do occur with some frequency.

Also on Wednesday’s agenda were bills to prohibit discriminatory healthcare practices, including organ transplant policies that neglect individuals with disabilities and characteristic-based abortions that target babies of certain attributes like sex, race, national origin, ancestry, or the potential diagnosis of a congenital disability.

“Time and time again, Assembly Republicans have taken a stand for life when given the opportunity,” Rep. Steineke concluded. “Today, we renewed that commitment.”

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