MADISON – The Wisconsin State Assembly will recognize Wes Sisson, Dick Fry, and Jarret Goodman as “Hometown Heroes” at the upcoming Assembly session on September 28th.


Sisson, Fry, and Goodman were nominated by their state representative, Don Vruwink (D-Milton), for their work on the Milton Area Veterans Memorial. The site includes three large monuments that bear the names of Milton-area soldiers who died in combat.

“I commend Wes, Dick and Jarret for all their hard work to ensure these brave soldiers are recognized for their service and sacrifice,” said Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) who selected them for the award. “We are all a product of history, so it is great to see efforts to protect their legacy.”

Sisson is an avid historian. He taught history in Milton for 10 years before moving to Germany. There, he and his wife taught on a military base. In 2009 they returned to the Milton area, and Sisson began researching Milton soldiers who died in line of duty. Using historical records, federal registries and the internet, he was able to add 73 names to the granite pillars at the memorial.

Fry and Goodman are both Vietnam veterans who became involved in the design and fundraising of the memorial when it was approved in 2013. They spear-headed early efforts to raise money for the site, selling commemorative bricks at local businesses. Fry and Goodman together raised $35,000 for the initial costs of the project in 2013, and raised an additional $70,000 in 2014. When an expansion with a pavilion and restrooms was proposed in 2019, they began to raise money again. In total, Fry and Goodman have helped raise more than $150,000 to build the additions.

Wisconsinites have a long, prominent history of community service and selflessness. In keeping with this tradition, the Wisconsin State Assembly created the Hometown Heroes program to identify and recognize individuals from around the state who are working to make their communities a better place. Award winners are invited to the State Capitol and given an opportunity to speak on the Assembly floor as a special guest.

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