June 29, 2021
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Rep. Steineke Votes to Cut Taxes, Prioritizes Health Care in Bipartisan State Budget Vote

MADISON – Earlier this evening, Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) voted in favor of a once-in-a-generation tax cut that will provide needed relief to individuals, families, and businesses while also investing in our long-term care facilities and their workforce. Steineke joined colleagues on both sides of the aisle in approving the state’s budget bill with a strong bipartisan vote of 64-34.

“We are once again prioritizing protecting the elderly, investing in our economy, and ultimately returning money to hard-working families of Wisconsin,” said Steineke. “Both Republicans and Democrats can agree that this budget is rock solid and I look forward to its swift approval by the state Senate and Governor Evers.

A cornerstone of the two-year spending plan, long-term care facilities were a major priority of this budget, with the bill bringing a total investment of nearly $440 million. Additionally, the budget continues past efforts by investing in high-quality healthcare that will ultimately benefit all Wisconsin residents from our most vulnerable, to new mothers, to those dealing with substance abuse.

“The pandemic has certainly put a strain on healthcare facilities throughout the state, and it is important we continue to invest in our healthcare system,” said Rep. Steineke. “Expanding and increasing access to care will in turn help our local communities provide needed services for our elderly and underserved.”

The bipartisan budget approved this evening also takes into account the additional $4.4 billion in revenues the state is projected to take in thanks to conservative reforms. While some of this extra revenue will end up in our state’s rainy day fund, a sizeable portion is set to be returned back to individuals, families, and businesses. The total tax cut in this budget is over $3.4 billion which will save the typical Wisconsin family $1,200 in income tax plus an additional $200 million is being invested to eliminate the personal property tax that will help businesses around the state.

“As a steward of the 5th Assembly District, it is my responsibility to be mindful of how we are spending taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. Steineke. “At the end of the day, keeping the government’s hands out of your pockets is what’s best for Wisconsin families and it is our duty to return excess money back to you, the taxpayer.”

Assembly Bill 68 – the state budget bill – will now head to the state Senate for consideration before heading to Governor Evers desk.

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