MADISON – Earlier today, State Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) voted in favor of a series of education reforms aimed at empowering parents, increasing transparency and enhancing accountability in school districts statewide.

“Over the past year, critical race theory (CRT) and other backwards ideologies have crept into classrooms all across Wisconsin,” Rep. Steineke said. “Today, the state Assembly pushed back with a forward-focused agenda that will equip parents and the public with the tools they need to hold their school districts accountable.”

Included in the bills passed were reforms to create a district expenditure portal in the state Department of Public Instruction, require certain classroom learning materials be made available online to the public, a prohibition from the teaching of racial and sex stereotypes, and a revamp of the state civics education curriculum.

“Our children are the future of this state,” Rep. Steineke concluded. “It is our duty to ensure they receive a high-quality education so that they can be engaged, informed citizens someday.”

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