Reforms Include Less Regulation, More Resources for Families

MADISON – State Representative Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) voted to create safer, more affordable housing when the state Assembly met for its scheduled floor session Tuesday. On the agenda were a series of bills aimed at curbing Wisconsin’s growing workforce housing shortage.

“A lack of affordable housing units in Wisconsin has prevented both workers and businesses from reaching their full potential,” said Rep. Steineke. “This has had a negative impact on our local economy and made our state an unattractive destination for many.”

Reports indicate that Wisconsin is falling behind its Midwestern neighbors due to its current housing shortage. Further, the state’s median age for first-time home buyers has risen to 33. Wisconsin is also running a migration deficit with individuals aged 20-24 and falling behind all bordering states on most housing indicators, including homeownership rates and percentage of the population with extreme cost-burdens.

Included in the package were bills to create new housing tax credits for developers, cut bureaucratic red tape through certified shovel-ready sites, update outdated industry practices, and equip families with more resources to build, renovate and restore units with rehabilitation loan and local housing investment fund programs.

“The bills passed today show Assembly Republicans are committed to making our state a great place to build a business or raise a family,” Rep. Steineke concluded. “This is a strong first step towards accomplishing that goal.”

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