The Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus, Chairwoman Rep Shelia Stubbs (D-77), Governor Tony Evers, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, will Kickoff Black History Month in the First Virtual

Kickoff Celebration. Today, February 1st at 12:00pmm, The Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus will kick off the observance of Black History Month with a virtual event hosted over Facebook Live. Chairwoman Rep Stubbs (D-77) released the following statement:

“I am honored to be speaking at this event today and to be the Chairwoman for the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus. This kickoff event is just the beginning of an amazing month celebrating historical and contemporary Black voices and accomplishments.”

“Black History Month is incredibly important to observe, as for so long Black history was purposefully erased and misrepresented. Black history tells us stories of resistance and survival, while also teaching us about the impact of Black heritage and culture. As we continue to demand racial justice and equity, looking to past Black leaders and accomplishments helps us in finding strength and motivation to keep fighting today. It also reminds us how far we have come, and how at the same time we still have so much work to do.”

“I want to thank the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus for hosting this event, and Governor Tony Evers, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor, Secretary Dawn Crim, Secretary Preston Cole, Secretary Kevin Carr, for their participation in the event. I would also like to extend my appreciation and gratitude for our special guests today, Vanessa McDowell ( “DJ Ace”), Dr Apostle Bishop Godfrey A. Stubbs for the prayer and benediction, Soloist Payton Wade, Soloist Prenicia Clifton, Dr. Adeomola Lyi Ewka for the Libation ceremony and Spoken Word by Janiya Williams.

Please join us throughout the Month of February to participate in the many events. I have attached the Calendar of events this month. And thank you to all who will join us to celebrate, you can find the event live here.”

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