MADISON, WI- Today, The Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Joint Resolution 80, which states that new legislative districts should promote continuity and maintain the core of existing boundaries as much as possible. On this resolution Representative Shelia Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement:


“It is long past time that we put people over politics. The people of Wisconsin deserve the right to choose their representatives, and have their values echoed inside their Wisconsin State Capitol. This resolution supports an unjust status quo and ignores the need for fairly divided legislative districts. ”


“This session, my colleagues and I authored Assembly Bill 395, which would empower the Legislative Reference Bureau to draw nonpartisan redistricting plans. This would ensure that incumbent legislators cannot choose the people they represent, and partisan gerrymandering would no longer have a place in our great state. This bill has yet to receive a public hearing.”


“Legislative districts impact every major issue our society faces. Your government officials should reflect your values, and bring your voice to the forefront. By keeping the power of redistricting in the hands of politicians, we are taking it out of the hands of the people. As your representative, I will continue to fight for fair maps, fair elections, and for the people of Wisconsin.”

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