Madison, WI – Yesterday, The Wisconsin State Assembly passed a resolution honoring the life of talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. In contrast, the Black Resolution still has yet to be scheduled to be heard on the Assembly Floor. On this situation, Rep.Stubbs issued the following statement:

“The Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus is made up of some of the hardest working legislators in the state. We take seriously our job to represent the Black community, and promote Black success through legislation. As Chair of the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus, I find it unfair and unreasonable that the Black History Month resolution is treated with scrutiny every year, while resolutions honoring divisive men like Rush Limbaugh can move through this body with ease”

“The Black History Month Resolution honored victims, trail blazers, community leaders and change making organizations, and was introduced weeks ago. However, Republican leadership has continued to refuse letting it see the floor. It is unconscionable that Rush Limbaugh can be honored by this body, but Colin Kaepernick and Stacey Abrams cannot.”

“My office added the names of Stacey Abrams and Vice President Kamala Harris to the Black History Month Resolution, as well as other locals to be recognized. Acknowledging these leaders with a Wisconsin connection should not be controversial”

“This inequitable treatment is a shame on our legislative body, and is disrespectful to the people we represent. Just because February is over, does not mean we cannot honor the members of the Black community who found success in or beyond Wisconsin.”

“No other resolution gets this kind of disrespect every year. This is the case because this resolution comes from Black legislators, and is for the Black community. This inequitable treatment is a shame on our legislative body, and is disrespectful to the people of Wisconsin that we represent”

“It is not too late for my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to stop obstructing the work of the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus, and work with us to honor the achievements of Wisconsin’s Black Community.”

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