Madison, WI – Today, Senate Bill 216, relating to the deregulation of natural hair braiding was heard in the Senate Committee on Insurance, Licensing, and Forestry. Senate Bill 216 is the Senate companion to Assembly Bill 121. Both bills specify that a person does not need to obtain a barbering or cosmetology license in order to perform natural hair braiding. On SB 216’s passage through the committee on Regulatory Licensing Reform, Representative Stubbs (D-77) issued the following statement:

“SB 216 will allows entrepreneurs, to practice the art of natural hair braiding without costly and unnecessary licensing regulations. SB 216 removes restrictions and opens opportunities for hair braiders in our state, many of whom are Black women.”

“Black mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers were raised with the knowledge of how to braid hair, and how hair braiding is connected to their family and their culture. For generations braiding has remained an important part of Black culture and no license should stand in the way of practicing time honored traditions”

“I am proud that my colleagues in the Wisconsin State Senate are moving forward on this important piece of legislation. I want to thank Senator Johnson (D-06) and Senator Felzkowski (R-12) for partnering on this legislation in the Senate, and I also want to thank Representative Sortwell (R-02) who joined in the public hearing today.”

“I also want to thank Jessica Gandy from the Institute of Justice and Professor Selika Ducksworth-Lawton of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire for speaking in support of SB 216. Your expertise on this subject is invaluable, and I am so glad to have your support on this measure. I also want to thank the Badger Institute, and Kiara Allen for registering in support of SB 216.”

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