Madison, WI – On Tuesday, April 20th the Speakers Taskforce on Racial Disparities Subcommittee on Law Enforcement Policies and Standards conducted its final meeting, and will send its report to the Speaker of the Assembly, Representative Robin Vos (R-63). On this milestone, Representative Stubbs (D-77) released the following statement:

“Seven months ago, The Speakers Taskforce on Racial Disparities was created to end racial disparities that exist at every age and in every aspect of a person’s life across the State of Wisconsin. Devastating instances of police violence highlighted the need to reform our policing system. As a legislator, and as a Black mother, I could not stand by as these events tarnished the relationship between the community, and law enforcement.”

“When we created this Taskforce, we made it clear that the time for partisan games was over. We brought community leaders, leaders of faith, and experts in law enforcement to the table to draft recommendations that would be the basis of bipartisan legislation. Today I am proud to say that the recommendations of this Subcommittee have been finalized, and we will be delivering our report to Speaker Vos.”

“We had many tough conversations over the past seven months, but I am proud we took the time to give these issues adequate consideration, and reach consensus on a variety of topics. However the work does not end here. In order to address systemic racism, we need all hands on deck. This Taskforce is proof that Democrats and Republicans can work towards bipartisan reform, and better serve the people of Wisconsin”

“Today we celebrate the progress of the Taskforce, but tomorrow we begin the hard work of making these recommendations a reality. I want to thank all the members of the taskforce for putting in the work necessary to make real change. We are now one step closer to making Wisconsin a better place to live and work”

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