State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond du Lac), legislative member of the
Campaigns and Elections Committee, released the following statement in response to the
Racine County Sheriff’s Election Investigation:

“The election system in Wisconsin lacks the most basic essential element: the confidence
of a wide majority of the electorate. Yesterday, I watched the press conference held by
the Racine County Sheriff’s Department during which the department revealed the results
of their investigation into citizen allegations of election fraud. I commend the
department’s thorough and diligent work, just as I commend the Wisconsin Legislative
Audit Bureau for the report the bureau issued last week as well. Further investigation is
continuing by the State Assembly, and the State Senate has also announced a probe. In
order for the results of these investigations to hold credibility with the public, they must
be performed by a credible organization, must be thorough and methodical in their
approach, and outside influences must be kept at arm’s length.

It has become clear to me that the 2020 General Election lacked proper state oversight
and that unlawful advice and counsel were given by state level officials. This
mismanagement led to thousands of ballots being illegally cast across the state. Based on
the culmination of the evidence and the added revelations presented in these two
investigations, I am today calling for the immediate resignations of Wisconsin Elections
Commissioner Meagan Wolfe and the resignation of the members of the Wisconsin
Elections Board. Furthermore, if Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul refuses to
conduct a statewide investigation based on the evidence compiled by the Racine Sheriff’s
investigation, he also should step aside so that someone else can perform his duties.
Finally, elected officials have accountability to the voters; therefore, I will support
legislation to disband of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and have the commission’s
duties be placed in the office of the elected Wisconsin Secretary of State.”

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