State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt, released the following statement after submitting
questions to the President of SSM Health and SSM’s Director of Government Relations
for Wisconsin regarding their COVID-19 vaccination policy.

“It has been a priority of mine to protect the individual liberty of the people of
Wisconsin, especially their medical decisions, which are being threatened by Governor
Evers and healthcare employers. Earlier this legislative session I authored legislation that
would have prohibited the government and employers from mandating the COVID-19
vaccine and will continue to remind Governor Evers that he possesses no sole authority to
mandate any vaccination.”

Representative Thiesfeldt on August 12 requested SSM Health’s employee vaccination
policy information from Katherine Vergos, the President of St. Agnes Hospital. This
simple request for information has yet to be delivered. Therefore, Representative
Thiesfeldt along with Representatives Michael Schraa and Timothy Ramthun have
submitted a letter asking for specific answers to a list of COVID-19 related questions.
The letter and questions are based upon concerns that have been raised by SSM Health
employees and constituents of our districts.

“The policy enacted by SSM Health has led many employees to quit their jobs and many
more are soon likely to be terminated from their positions. These actions have led to
additional shortages of desperately needed healthcare workers at clinics and hospitals
across Wisconsin. It was just a year ago that nurses and doctors were being universally
praised for safely working through the pandemic with no vaccine available. Now, SSM
Health is threatening termination for some of those same employees who only ask to
make their own healthcare decisions. I urge SSM Health to respond to our inquiry with
answers as soon as possible.”

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