Madison…State Representative Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) released the following statement about the 2021-2023 budget, which was signed into law by Governor Evers:

“I am glad Joint Finance Committee (JFC)’s transformed the budget and put in historic-tax cuts for Wisconsin families that the Governor did not have at all.” “There really was no choice but to sign this budget.”

The budget incorporated a total tax cut of over $3.4 billion. The average Wisconsin family will save $1,200 in income and property tax relief.

“The Governor’s original proposal had a $1 billion tax increase that we would never stand for.”

“Let’s give credit where credit’s due; the members of JFC deserve praise from all Wisconsinites for their hard work in cutting unnecessary and costly items from the Governor’s proposed budget.”

“Regardless, I am delighted we passed a budget that does not increase taxes, has received bipartisan support, and delivers on helping all Wisconsinites.”

The 25th Assembly District includes portions of Manitowoc County and Calumet County.

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