Madison, WI…State Rep. Paul Tittl (R-Manitowoc) voted in support of the COVID-19 Relief Bill that giving the state additional tools to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Assembly amended the legislation to ensure easy access to necessary medication, COVID tests, and vaccines.

“I agree the COVID-19 virus continues to impact our families, and Wisconsinites and we should continue to work to eradicate the virus but without abusing our powers,” said Rep. Tittl.

The Assembly restored some provisions that were removed by the Senate vote. The bill again outlaws the Department of Health Services (DHS) or local health officers from mandating the vaccine. The legislation also prohibits DHS or local health officers from closing places of worship.

“Although I will encourage Wisconsinites to continue following CDC guidelines and encourage Wisconsinites to wear a mask, our democracy was built upon individual liberties, civil, and religious freedom,” said Rep Tittl. “The Senate version of Assembly Bill 1 removed these important provisions.”

This bill will offer Governor Evers’ administration and our state with more tools to fight the coronavirus and help families and businesses during this difficult time. The amended legislation continues to provide support to hospitals, build up workforce capacity and other essential areas of need. The bill also gives more health professionals the ability to administer the vaccine, including dentists and pharmacy students. The bill protects schools and businesses from some liabilities to reduce the possibility of lawsuits.

As this virus has impacted our communities and families, this legislation will also ensure that families can now safely visit their loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This legislation allows a resident to name someone an “essential visitor,” who would be allowed to visit the facility to provide support and assist a loved one.

“This legislation prevents overreaching by the government and reinstates the individual freedoms of Wisconsinites,” stated Rep. Tittl. “I voted in favor and hope my colleagues in the Senate and the governor do their part to get the bill signed into law.

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