Lancaster, WI (August 10, 2021) – Representative Travis Tranel announced today his endorsement of Lancaster Mayor David Varnam for the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor.

“I am endorsing David Varnam for the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor,” Tranel said. “He has shown true conservative leadership in Lancaster and will bring that to the state level.”

Travis Tranel represents the 49th district which includes the City of Lancaster. Varnam and Tranel have worked closely together on several projects including transportation, economic development and the reopening of several significant state historical sites.

“As a dairy farmer, I know how critical agriculture is to our communities and state,” Tranel explained. “In discussions with David, I know he supports farmers and their right to farm.”

Varnam supports increases to rural transportation and broadband expansion to help deliver Wisconsin agriculture around the world. He believes that farmers, not the government, should make decisions regarding their farms.

“I would like to thank Travis for his endorsement,” Varnam responded. “Our current governor and lieutenant governor have failed Wisconsin residents by refusing to meet with Republican leaders while our economy declined. As the next lieutenant governor, I look forward to working with Representative Tranel and members of the state legislature on both sides of the aisle to allow families, farms and businesses to thrive.”

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