MADISON – Today, State Senator Melissa Agard (D-Madison) and other Democratic members of the State Senate and Assembly introduced legislation to help address gun violence in Wisconsin. State Representative Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) is a co-author of both bills, which include Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) and universal background checks on gun sales. Rep. Vining issued the following statement in support of these bills:

“Gun violence is a public health crisis in Wisconsin. We must pass universal background checks and Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) legislation to help combat this crisis. Universal background checks and ERPO laws are proven to reduce domestic violence by firearm, firearm suicide, and other deadly gun violence actions, including mass shootings. Extreme risk laws offer families and law enforcement officers a formal legal process to temporarily reduce an individual’s access to firearms if they pose a danger to themselves or others.

“We can honor our Wisconsin heritage of outdoor sportsmanship, protect human life, and preserve constitutional rights surrounding gun ownership with gun violence prevention legislation.

“I will not treat gun violence or mass shootings as inevitable. We know what to do to save lives.  We have lived with grief layered upon grief, and now is the time to act. We can pass gun violence prevention legislation that will save lives and curb the ripple effects of trauma in our communities. We can do so while protecting life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and liberty and justice for all. We have heard your voices, we know what we need to do, and we have the power to do it. Now let’s get it done.”

Rep. Vining represents the 14th Assembly District, which includes parts of Brookfield, Wauwatosa, and Milwaukee. For more information, visit Rep. Vining’s website here

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